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Montipora Coral: What Are They?

Coral is such an extremely interesting life form that is way more diverse than most people think. For example, the Montipora Coral is an SPS coral (small polyp stony) that is quite common and is often also referred to as a Vase Coral. These pieces of coral are really hard to describe in a general way as they appear in a wide array of different colors, shapes, and forms. Some tent to branch out, others are shaped very much like a vase, while others are really rough, irregular types of upright plates. In other words, it shows the full gamut of what is possible out there.

The main types of Montipora Coral include:
– M. Capricornis
– M. Digitata
– M. Stellata

Each one has its very distinctive shape and color patterns that almost make them seem like entirely different species, yet they are all in the same family.

One reason Montipora Coral is so popular is because they thrive in a variety of different conditions and can do well with a wide array of different aquarium lighting options. Generally you still want to see at least 3 watts per gallon with whatever system you are using but this is a consistent light amount that you will want to make sure to keep up. As long as you handle that light and add in a once a week feeding of special micro-plankton, you will almost certainly see healthy Montipora Coral as a result and impressive results with how beautiful it is and how it grows to environment.

Because of all these reasons and more, it’s not hard to see why among all the SPS corals out there that the Montipora are among the most popular out there. Bright body colors, strong shade variation, and even unique growth comparisons between old growth and new growth and how they vary from one another. These are great coral that offer plenty of options.

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